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Pond Air Pumps

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Pond Air Pumps - Full range

Pond Air Pumps

Pond air pumps are important parts of your pond setup and help to keep the water moving around the pond. Good circulation also helps to ensure that oxygenation levels in the pond are high. If you are not planning to have a fountain or water feature in your pond, then a pond air pump that will move water around will be of great help.

Although many factors including humidity, temperature, stocking density and surface area to pond volume ratio, can affect the Oxygen levels within a pond. We generally recommend a minimum air flowrate of:

100 Litres Per Hour (1.7 Litres Per Minute)
per 1000 Litres (220 Gallons) of Pond Volume
450 Litres Per Hour (7.5 Litres Per minute)
per 1000 Gallons (4500 Litres) of Pond Volume

Water in a pond does not behave in the same way as it would in a natural environment, and so a pond air pump can be used to prevent the pond water becoming stagnant. A good air pump will help the water to move around the pond in the same way as water would flow in a river or lake, which helps the fish and plant life to thrive.

It is also important for oxygen levels to remain high in the pond, so that it provides the best possible environment for fish to live in. There is a danger that oxygen levels can fall to unsafe levels, particularly when the weather is warmer in the summer months. When water is constantly circulating around the pond, it encourages the absorption of oxygen from the air and the release of carbon dioxide from the water.

Pond fish are not the only ones that benefit from a good supply of Oxygen. The essential bacteria that lives within the pond and filter requires Oxygen to survive and multiply. By increasing the Oxygen levels with an air pump, we can directly improve the health of all living things within a pond.

As well as the practical benefits, a pond air pump can also help to make your pond more attractive, as 1000's of tiny air bubbles will be continuously created and will rise through the water, creating a beautifully relaxing and hypnotic appearance.

There are a number different sized air pumps available that will suit ponds of varying volumes. It is important to choose the right sized pump for your pond so that the air pump will be effective at improving circulation and Oxygenation without making you pond look like a bubbling cauldron.

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