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Smart Solar Products

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Smart Solar Products

Smart Solar Products

Smart Garden Products is a leading supplier of garden products to the Gardening industry. The company started in 2003 and has built up an enviable reputation for design and innovation in solar powered consumer products under the name Smart Solar. In 2014 the company changed its name to Smart Garden Products and introduced more than 350 new products in 6 distinct garden product categories. These new products are supplied under the Smart Garden brand, with Smart Solar being retained as the brand for their solar products range, which they continue to expand.

Smart Solar have a diverse international customer base encompassing the UK, continental Europe and the USA. Our Head Office and showroom is in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and they have extensive warehousing in the UK, as well as a fully employed team in China who look after their QC and logistics.

They are very committed to introducing a substantive selection of new products every year, along with eye catching packaging, point of sale and merchandising across the entire product range. Most of ther products are designed by their team in the UK and made to their specification with partner factories in Asia, and they have a growing bank of intellectual property covering both design and functionality.

Their aim is to give their customers a broad product choice, outstanding service, constant innovation and profitable growth.

Smart Solar Pond Products Company Information

Smart Garden Products
2 Pentagon South
Barton Lane
OX14 3PZ
Great Britain
Telephone No: 0844 800 9163
Fax Number: 01371 851429
Contact Email: uksupport@sgpuk.com

Smart Solar Pond Products Product List

•Floating Lily Solar Pump
•Sunjet 150 - Solar Pump Kit
•Sunjet 300w - Solar Pump Kit (with lights & battery)
•Sunjet 500 - Solar Pump Kit
•Solar Feature Pump Only
•Solar Feature Panel Only
•Smart Solar Fountain Fresh
•Aphrodite Ceramic Solar Cascade
•Chatsworth Tiered Solar Birdbath
•Umbrella Solar Birdbath Fountain - Stone Effect
•Duck Family Umbrella Solar Birdbath Fountain
•Rochester Solar Birdbath Fountain
•Dancing Couple Solar Birdbath Fountain
•Tipping Pail Solar Birdbath Fountain
•Treetrunk Solar Birdbath Fountain
•Genoa Cascade Solar Water Feature
•Milk Churn Solar Fountain
•Wychwood Falls Solar Water Feature
•Kingsbury 3 Tier Solar Fountain
•Heywood Mill Solar Water Feature
•Elvedon Fairy Rainfall Solar Water Feature
•Fairy Pots Solar Water Feature
•Wishing Well Solar Water Feature
•Liliana Solar Cascade Water Feature
•Solar Water Mill Water Feature with Lights
•Pitcher Cascade Solar Water Feature
•Rock Fall Solar Water Feature
•Fairy Leaf Fountain Solar Water Feature
•Boy and Girl Solar Water Feature
•Solar Frog Ceramic Water Feature
•Solar Feature Pump Only
•Smart Solar 6v AC/DC Mains Adaptor
•Smart Solar 5v AC/DC Mains Adaptor
•Smart Solar 5m Solar Extension Cable - 1190010
•Mini Solar Fence, Wall or Post Light (3 Lumens) - Single
•Mini Solar Fence, Wall or Post Light (3 Lumens) - Pack of 4
•Victoriana 365 - 200 Lumens Solar Lamp Post
•Whitehall Solar Post Light - Single (100 Lumens)
•Martello Solar Post Lights (4 Pack)
•Hansom Carriage Lantern (2 pack)
•Ultima Solar Spotlight - Single (100 Lumens)
•PIR Solar Security Light - 200 Lumen
•PIR Solar Flood Light - 500 Lumen
•PIR Millennium Solar Flood Light 1000 Lumen
•Gemini - Colour Changing Solar Light Wind Spinner
•Spiro - Colour Changing Solar Light Wind Spinner
•Solar Crocus Light - Single
•Solar Foxglove Lights (2 Pack)
•Solar Cornish Jar Sea Lanterns - 2 Pack
•Eureka - Solar Light Bulb Lights - 6 Pack
•Eureka - Neo Blue Solar Light Bulb Lights - 4 Pack
•Solar Wave Lanterns - 2 Pack
•Multi Glow Gem Jar Solar Light
•Peacock Solar Lantern
•Carnival Solar Spotlight - 2 Pack
•Solar Fairy Spotlights - Set of 3
•Fairies Only! - Elvedon Collection Solar Dwelling
•Elfin Oak - Elvedon Collection Solar Dwelling
•Bluebell Cottage - Elvedon Collection Solar Dwelling
•Home Sweet Home - Elvedon Collection Solar Dwelling
•Smart Solar - Replacement Solar Light Box
•Smart Solar - ReplacementBattery Light Box
•Smart Solar - 3.7V li-ion 18650 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
•Patio Magic Silhouette Solar Table Lantern
•Metal Solar Silhouette Dolly Sheep
•Metal Solar Silhouette Daisy Cow
•Metal Solar Silhouette Flamingo
•Metal Solar Scroll Hens (Pair)
•Metal Solar Silhouette Cockerel
•Metal Solar Silhouette Heron
•Metal Solar Silhouette Owl
•Metal Solar Silhouette Cat
•Metal Solar Silhouette Dog
•Metal Solar Silhouette Peacock
•Metal Solar Silhouette Duck
•Metal Solar Silhouette Elephant
•Smart Solar - Replacement Solar Light Box
•Smart Solar - Battery Light Box
•Orion Solar Bluetooth String Light Set (10 lights)
•Eureka Retro Solar String Light Set (10 lights)
•Super Bright Solar Star String Lights - 50 LED's
•Super Bright Solar Orb String Lights - 50 LED's
•Solar Powered Rope Lights - 100 LED's
•Solar Star Light - 30 LED's
•Solar Feature Pump Only
•Smart Solar - Solar Light Box
•Smart Solar - Battery Light Box
•Smart Solar - 3.7V li-ion 18650 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
•Smart Solar Cascade Solar Feature Panel Only
•Twin Solar Panel Set for Umbrella Fountains - SF0W6S
•Twin Cable Solar Pump for Umbrella Fountains - SP-160XC3
•Twin Cable Solar Pump and Twin Panel Kit for Umbrella Fountains - 2030PKS
•Solar On Demand Panel for Bird Baths and 2 Tier Fountains - SB1W5D.
•Solar On Demand Pump for Bird Baths and 2 Tier Fountains - SP-160X01
•Battery Pack for Smart Solar - Solar On Demand Panels - BPM4V1000
•Smart Solar - Solar On Demand Kit - 20UNPKD
•Smart Garden Products 5m Solar Extension Cable - 1190010

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