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  1. Getting Your Pond Ready for Springtime

    Although the winter has been very mild (yet very wet for many). Spring time is still a little way off, but hopefully the temperatures will continue to allow you to get out and start preparing for the warmer weather.

    Before we go any further lets just clarify the question of fish feeding. It is very important not to start feeding your fish until the pond water reaches a consistent average temperature of at least 6 Deg C and at this level you should only use Wheatgerm based foods. Below this temperature, your fishes metabolism will slow to the point where undigested food can rot inside the gut. Additionally, bacteria in your filter will not be sufficiently active to process any waste that is produced by feeding fish, resulting in water pollution.

    To keep you busy, it’s a great time to inspect and service your pond equipment. Your UV may need a new UV bulb as it requires replacement approximately every 6-12 months (dependant upon type). If replaced in the spring you will ensure it is working at its full potential as the green water starts to develop. The UV quartz should also be checked and cleaned to ensure maximum UV output. We suggest the use of a UV cleaning treatment which will clean your quartz without having to strip down you UV.

    If you forgot to clean your filter before the shutdown in the autumn, thoroughly clean your foam and media with pond water. If your foams are more than 3 years old and feel soft and floppy they may be due for a change. Your can purchase replacement foams for your filter in singles or sets and gradually swap them over a period of a few weeks, but remember that most manufacturers will only honour their performance guarantees if genuine replacement foams are used.

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  2. Spring is finally coming, is your pond ready?

    Evolution Aqua – Pure Pond Gel Balls

    Spring is finally coming and temperatures are going to rise fast (yippee) pond owners with fish need to be wary. If your fish haven’t been feeding your filter will be dormant and will not react as quickly as your fish. This can lead to water quality issues which could have serious impact on fish health, you need to either gradually increase the food over 2 weeks simulating a more gradual temperature increase or feed the filter with bacteria to boost it. The New Pure Pond Gel Balls from Evolution Aqua are ideal for boosting the filter quickly. Follow this link to find out more about them.


    Evolution Aqua
    Pure Pond Gel Balls – from £9.49

    Pure Pond Gell Balls

    Tap MediPad

    Technical Aquatic Products – MediPads

    As you fish begin to become active after this long winter they are going to be vulnerable to possible infections. Sadly the bacteria, fungus and other problems can all start become active before the fish’s immune systems have started to properly start to work. This is an annual problem, but because the fishes reserves have been used up far more than usual, because of the long winter, they maybe more susceptible this year. A useful product to help through this time is the Medi Pad. It is a small piece of filter wool impregnated with a general slow release treatment for Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites. The treatment slowly releases over 2-3 months, helping reduce the chance of problems as the fishes immune system wakes up.

    Technical Aquatic Products
    MediPads – only £7.99


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