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Spring Time Feeding Advice

Spring Time Feeding Advice


Despite the small amount of sunshine and the slightly warmer days, we are still getting lots of customers telling us that the fish have only just started feeding.  Just like many creatures who fast during the winter, a fish’s body has evolved to take certain nutrients from the food it eats and ignore other nutrients.  When they start feeding in the Spring the fish needs to regain the weight lost and they will not take on Protein. As such feeding foods high in protein will be a waste and can also lead to foaming (Protein Froth), which can be very unsightly.  As such we recommend initially feeding them Wheatgerm, which has a low protein content but is high in fat, and is ideal for cooler weather.  It produces fewer pollutants and gives the fish the nutrients they require after the winter. As the temperature rises to 10-12 °C (50-56°F) you can start feeding the fish on Staple Food.  These contain everything needed to keep the fish healthy through out the summer months.   As the temperature drops again in the Autumn/Winter you should again move back to the Wheatgerm food to give the fish the nutrients they require.

Please follow the link below to see what foods should be fed at what temperatures.


If you would like to see what Wheatgerms foods we offer please follow the link below.


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1 May 2013 by watergar