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Spring Time Feeding Advice

Spring Time Feeding Advice

Garden Pond Feeding Advice

“To feed or not to feed, that is the question”

Ok that’s not quite be how people are wording it, but it is the crux of the comments we are receiving at the moment. With the weather warming up nicely, the fish will soon be interested in feeding and whilst it is good to get some food down them you need to be wary. It is not only the physical activity of the fish which stops when the temperature drops in the autumn, it is also their digestive system. As such if you feed them now and the temperature drops to the point where they become inactive again, the food can sit in their gut and begin to decompose, which as I am sure you will understand is not good and so you need to be confident when feeding them that the temperature will be high enough over the next few days to fully digest the food and if the forecast says the weather is going to change stop feeding. The best food to feed them in the cooler temperature is Wheatgerm, which has been specifically designed to meet the fish’s needs at this time of year.

Early spring is a time when the fish can be at their most vulnerable to infection. The immune system of fish can be slow to get going and behind the activity of bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. It is therefore a good idea to give them a helping hand. One of the simplest ways to go is a MediPad. This is a small piece of filter wool which has been impregnated with slow release Anti Fungus, Bacteria and Parasite treatment. You install it somewhere in you pond circulation system – header pool, filter system, waterfall – and it will slowly release a treatment in to your pond over 2-3 months, keeping bacteria, fungus and parasites at a minimum during the spring and hence helping to keep your fish healthy.

The table below offers a guide to which food type is best for the time of year or temperature.

Food Feeding Guide


Fish Food


Fish Food


Fish Food

Treat Fish



The more you buy the cheaper it gets. All our Vitrafin food is sent out in 2.5L bags to keep it fresh. So when you buy 10Kg of Vitrafin food, you get our reduced price (save around 40% compared to the per litre price of a 2.5 litre purchase.


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21 March 2014 by watergar