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  1. Pond Pump Cleaning Advice

    Dirty Pond Pump
    Slow flow rate from your pump?
    Make sure your pump is clean with our
    Pond Pump cleaning advice

    A pond pump is the heart of your ponds life support system and the flowrate it achieves will dramatically affect the health and clarity of your pond. To ensure your pump is in tip top condition for the new season we strongly suggest examining it to clean and check for wear and tear. To help with this we have created a simple guide to help you along.

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  2. Extensive Range of Oase Spare Parts

    Wheatgerm Foods - Special Offer

    NEW – Extensive Range of Oase Spare Parts

    As part of our continued commitment to offering our customers the highest possible levels of customer service, we are introducing a new and extensive OASE SPARE PARTS service. In addition to offering some of the very best products within the water gardening industry, Oase is unsurpassed when it comes to offering replacement parts and currently list over a 1000 components to ensure you get the very best from your Oase products.

    We have now begun the introduction of there spare parts range and currently have 100’s of items online with many more to come. So if you Oase product has seen better days and could do with a "make over", why not have a look at the wide range of parts available.

    Click Here to see our current range of Oase Spare Parts

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  3. Pure Pond Bomb – Facebook Pond Photo Competition

    Pure Pond Bomb Competition

    Pure Pond Bomb – Facebook Pond Photo Competition

    For our first competition on Facebook, we are giving away 10 Evolution Aqua – PURE Pond Bombs.

    If you need an intensive, fast acting pond treatment which will help you achieve crystal clear and healthy water. Then the Evolution Aqua PURE Pond Bomb is the product for you. Evolution Aqua PURE Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of the Award Winning PURE Pond and is ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water.

    To enter just upload a photo of your pond and tell us why your pond deserves a Pond Bomb.

    Click Here – To go to our Facebook page

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  4. Spring is finally coming, is your pond ready?

    Evolution Aqua – Pure Pond Gel Balls

    Spring is finally coming and temperatures are going to rise fast (yippee) pond owners with fish need to be wary. If your fish haven’t been feeding your filter will be dormant and will not react as quickly as your fish. This can lead to water quality issues which could have serious impact on fish health, you need to either gradually increase the food over 2 weeks simulating a more gradual temperature increase or feed the filter with bacteria to boost it. The New Pure Pond Gel Balls from Evolution Aqua are ideal for boosting the filter quickly. Follow this link to find out more about them.


    Evolution Aqua
    Pure Pond Gel Balls – from £9.49

    Pure Pond Gell Balls

    Tap MediPad

    Technical Aquatic Products – MediPads

    As you fish begin to become active after this long winter they are going to be vulnerable to possible infections. Sadly the bacteria, fungus and other problems can all start become active before the fish’s immune systems have started to properly start to work. This is an annual problem, but because the fishes reserves have been used up far more than usual, because of the long winter, they maybe more susceptible this year. A useful product to help through this time is the Medi Pad. It is a small piece of filter wool impregnated with a general slow release treatment for Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites. The treatment slowly releases over 2-3 months, helping reduce the chance of problems as the fishes immune system wakes up.

    Technical Aquatic Products
    MediPads – only £7.99


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