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Pond Plant Multi Buy Special Offer

As the availability of Fresh Pond Plants is very dependent upon the time of year and weather conditions. We continually update our web pages to list the plants we actually have in stock. All of our Fresh Pond Plants come from the biggest grower in the UK who has over 45 years of cold water plant growing experience. We store all our Fresh Pond Plants outdoors and only supply Fresh Pond Plants that HAVE NOT been grown using forced growing techniques, such as heated greenhouses. So we can be sure that the plants we supply will be strong and healthy.

Get 10% DISCOUNT on every set of 12 plants (single type or mixed). To help with larger plant purchases, we will give you a 10% discount for every 12 plants you buy.

Netfloat Pad and Rings

NEW - NetFloat Floating Anti Heron Protection - NetfFloat Rings and NetFloat Mats

NetFloat Floating Anti Heron Protection Rings and Mats are a simple solution to keeping your fish safe from Herons and other predators. Quick and easy to fit, these interlock grids are suitable for any size and shape of pond.

Herons and other predators will only strike at the edge, so there is no need to cover your whole pond with grids and because they float and interlock there are no unsightly frames or fixings. Whether you choose the circular Netfloat Rings (best for small or irregularly-shaped ponds) or the rectangular Netfloat Mats (best for large or square/rectangular ponds) the process is the same. Simple lay them out and connect together with the supplied clips to form a perimeter 64cm deep with the ring and 68cm deep with the mats. Each pack of 20 ring will cover a pond perimeter of 3.5m and the packs of 10 mats will cover a perimeter of 3.5m.

Black in colour and sitting just below the surface, these grid are much more discrete than cover nets and as they are only required around the edge, the center of the pool remains unobstructed

Click here for more details of NetFloat Rings and NetFloat Mats

Velda Pond Laser Guard

NEW - Velda Pond Laser Guard - Heron Deterrent

The Pond Laser Guard protects your pond fish against herons and cats by using a motion sensor to detect their presence within a range of about 12 meters at an angle of 100°. Once triggered the Pond laser Guard uses three methods to scare off the predator. First it produces a flashing light with variable frequency which makes the environment unpleasantly restless. Next it uses a moving green laser beams as Herons are particularly sensitive to this colour and it represents moving objects and finally it produces the sound of a heron in distress, barking dogs and the frightening cry of a deadly arrow poison frog will scare off herons or cat for good.

Our Price - £149.99

Spare Parts

Extensive Range of Spare Parts

As part of our continued commitment to offering our customers the highest possible levels of customer service, we have introduced an extensive SPARE PARTS from many manufacturers within the Pond Filtration industry. In addition to offering some of the very best products within the water gardening industry, Oase in particular are unsurpassed when it comes to offering replacement parts and currently list over a 1000 components to ensure you get the very best from your Oase products. Other manufacturers are also enhancing there spare parts ranges

We have now begun the introduction of these spare parts ranges and currently have 100's of items online with many more to come. So if your Pond Pump , Ultra Violet Light or Pond Filtration product has seen better days and could do with a "make over", why not have a look at the wide range of parts available.

Click Here to see our current range of Oase, Hozelock, Fishmate and many more Spare Parts

Fibreglass Ponds

Fibreglass Ponds
Direct To Your Door

At Water Gardening Direct we are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to our customers and it is with that idea in mind that we are very please to announce our NEW range of top quality Fibreglass Ponds that we can deliver directly to your door.

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to see our range

Oase Biorb Aquariums

Extending Oase's range indoors, the addition of the Oase Aquarium Products and biOrb Aquarium range bring their exceptionally high quality to the Aquarium market. The Beautifully simple and modern biOrb aquariums are perfect for modern homes, these aquariums are made from Acrylic which is 10x stronger and 23% clearer than glass with designs allowing 360° viewing. The Oase Aquarium products have been designed to offer ease of use and the high manufacturing quality which you would expect from the leading brand in the pond equipment market.

Click here for biOrb aquarium details

Click here for our full range of aquarium products

Pond Products

Pond Products

Everything you need to build, maintain or just enjoy a Pond, Water Feature or Solar Feature. We have a huge range of Pond Filtration products and packages, Pond liners and Water Features. With up to 50% off RRP's.

Pond Construction - Preformed Ponds and Pond Liner

Whether you are looking for some Pond Liner or Accessories or you would like to use a Preformed Pond, we have all you need. Once the basic pond has been constructed, you could also add a Watercourse as a separate feature.

Pond Filtration and Pumping

Once the pond is constructed, it time to think about how to keep it clean and healthy. Most systems will consist of a Pond Pump or Pond Filter Pump , Pond Filter and a Pond UV (Ultra Violet Light). These can be purchased as separate items or for the best deals you can opt for a Combined Pond Filter and UV Unit with a separate pump or a Combined Pond Filter, UV and Pump Package . Don't forget to allow installation you may also require Flexible Hose and Fittings or Rigid Pipework and Fittings and as a finishing touch you could also add some Pond Plants, a Fountain Pond Pump, a Solar Fountain Pump or Pond Ornaments and Statuette

Pond Accessories

After dealing with the main components, there are also a with range of other products which might come in handy. For the electrical part of your set-up we stock all the Electrical Accessories you may need, together with Floating and Underwater Lights and Pond Air Pumps .

Looking After your Pond

Once you pond is set-up, we have all you need to look after it. For you fish, we stock a wide range of Fish Food And Feeding Accessories and for the pond water our Tests and Treatments can be invaluable. Finally, to keep everything clean and tidy, we also have great prices on our Pond Vacuums, Pond Cleaning Equipment and even Electronic Blanketweed Treatment.
Garden Products

Garden Products

We also have a wide range of Solar Garden Lighting and Solar Decorative Lighting and Solar String Lighting Sets which can add an extra dimension to your garden at night.
For those with water metres we also have a great range of Water Butts so you can water your garden with stored rainwater.

Water Features

Water Features and Solar Features

From the classical look to ultra modern, the introduction of a Water Feature can transform the look of any garden. Our mains powered Mains Powered Water Features , Stainless Steel and Copper Water Features and Solar Cascade Water Features can be used as a focal point within your garden. Alternatively the very popular Pebble Pool Feature Pools and Grid can be set into the ground with a choice of features on top. For those without mains power in the garden, our large range of Solar Powered Water Features are free to run, portable and offer great flexibility.

Bird Food and FeedersBird Food and Feeders

We now have a range of top quality Seed, Nut and Peanut Bird Food and Seed, Nut and Peanut - Bird Feeders suitable for all UK birds. Take make feeding easier, we also supply a wide range of Bird Boxes and Tables and many other Bird Feeding Accessories.

Outdoor Bean Bags from Bean Bag CrazyOutdoor Bean Bags

When all you hard work is done. We now have a range of top quality Outdoor Bean Bags from Bean Bag Crazy, so that you can sit back, relax and just watch the world go by.

If your looking for something for a conservatory, our sister company "Futon Sofa Beds Direct" have a fantastic range of Indoor Bean Bag, Futon Sofa Beds and even Jay-Be folding beds

New Products

Milk Churn Solar Fountain


Add a rural feel to your garden with this Milk Churn styled ...

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Pagoda Solar Birdbath Water Feature


The Pagoda Solar Birdbath Water Feature takes inspiration from traditional oriental pagoda ...

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Chatsworth Tiered Solar Birdbath


An elegant two tiered solar bird bath which would look fantastic as ...

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Tetra Pond Variety Food Sticks - 2.12 Kg (15L)


The 2.12Kg (15L) Tetra Variety Pond Sticks are a combination of three ...

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Tetra Pond Variety Food Sticks - 4.1 Kg (25L)


The 4.1Kg (25L) Tetra Variety Pond Sticks are a combination of three ...

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Tetra Pond Koi Sticks - 1.5 Kg (10L)


The 1.5kg (10L) Tetra Koi Sticks have been specifically designed with Koi ...

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Tetra Pond Koi Sticks - 3.35 Kg (15L)


The 3.35kg (15L) Tetra Koi Sticks have been specifically designed with Koi ...

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6m x 7m (19ft 8 Inch x 22ft 11 Inch) 0.50mm (30 Year) PVC Pond Liner


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Biopress 6000 - 10000 - Elbowed Connector - O' Ring - Single (24813)


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Genoa Cascade Solar Water Feature


The Genoa Cascade Solar Water Feature is a contemporarly designed water feature ...

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