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September Special Offer – Extra Discounts off Tetra and Vitrafin Wheatgerm Foods

Wheatgerm Foods - Special Offer

September Special Offer – Extra Discounts off Tetra and Vitrafin Wheatgerm Foods
15% off Tetra Wheatgerm and 10% Vitrafin Wheatgerm Foods

How and when to feed your fish

Fish have evolved over the years to extract the appropriate nutrition from the food they eat.  Commercial foods have been designed to offer what they need when they need it. During the cooler temperatures fish do not absorb as much Protein, so Wheatgerm Fish Food has been developed to meet these demands, it is low in Protein, but higher in other nutrients. So during the Autumn and Spring, using Wheatgerm based food can really help you fish to “build up” before and after the winter.

Should you feed during the winter

Pond fishes metabolism relies on temperature to enable them to digest food fully. If the temperature drops and the fish metabolism slows, as does their digestive system and any food left in their system will remain there and could start to literally rot inside them. As such, feeding fish during the winter months can be a very trickle business. If you choose to feed your fish you must be confident that the water temperature will remain suitably warm enough for several days after they have fed and you should feed Koi and Goldfish Wheatgerm Foods, which are a specifically designed food to met the fish requirements at this time of year. If you are in any doubt it is better not to feed.

The table below offers a guide to which food type is best for the time of year or temperature.

Food Feeding Guide

Tetra Wheatgerm Food
Current Brochure Price
Extra Discount
Price After Discount
Tetra – Wheatgerm Sticks – 1.4 Kg
£16.98 (£12.12/Kg)
Tetra – Wheatgerm Sticks – 2 Kg
£24.63 (£12.31/Kg)
Vitrafin Wheatgerm Food
Vitrafin Wheatgerm Pellets – 2.5Kg
£14.38 (£5.75/Kg)
Vitrafin Wheatgerm Pellets – 5Kg
£21.59 (£4.31/Kg)
Vitrafin Wheatgerm Pellets – 10Kg
£35.09 (£3.50/Kg)
12 September 2013 by watergar