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JBL - AlgoPond Direct - Blanketweed Remover

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JBL - AlgoPond Direct - Blanketweed Remover

JBL - AlgoPond Direct - Blanketweed Remover

JBL - AlgoPond Direct - Blanketweed Remover - 1000g

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Manufacturers Ref: 2735600
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Treats 30000 Litres (6600 Gallons)

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JBL - AlgoPond Direct - Blanketweed Remover is designed to combat thread algae in a garden pond by means of released oxygen. AlgoPond Direct's effect is immediate and the algae can be seen to perish within a few hours. After 24 – 48 hours the algae have usually completely died off. Dying and dead algae can easily be removed using a pond fish net. pond vacuum or pond filtration system.

When there is an algae problem in the garden pond the pH value varies greatly during the day. This is due to the algae’s CO2 consumption. In the evenings it is often significantly above 8.5. JBL AlgoPond Direct achieves its best results with pH values under 8.5. JBL AlgoPond Direct should be used in the mornings, because the pH in the garden pond has in this time of day its lowest value. JBL AlgoPond Direct also raises the pH value temporarily.

AlgoPond Direct is easy to use, determine the required quantity for your garden pond. Spread the calculated quantity on the existing algae surface.

JBL - AlgoPond Direct - Blanketweed Remover Sizes :
AlgoPond Direct - 1000g - Treats 30000 Litres (6600 Gallons)

Dosing Rate = 30mg per 1000 Litres (220 Gallons)

Important Notes
As with all anti algae treatments, please ensure that your pond is kept well oxygenated and that large quantity's of decomposing algae are manually removed.

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