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Oase OxyTex CWS Air Pump Sets

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Oase OxyTex CWS Air Pump Sets

Oase OxyTek 1000 CWS Air Pump Set

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This Kit Includes:

1 x OxyTek 1000 CWS and AquaOxy 1000 Air Pump

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Oase OxyTek 2000 CWS Air Pump Sets

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This Kit Includes:

2 x OxyTek 1000 CWS and AquaOxy 2000 Air Pump

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Oase Aqua Oxy Air Pumps
The Oase Aqua-Oxy range of air pumps which because of the safe 12v low voltage technology and the modern motor protection are weatherproof and so do not need to be hidden in a shed or garage. The Oase Aqua-Oxyair pumps low voltage supply enables the them to run at an especially energy efficient level. They have very quiet operation due to the effective motor encapsulation. The Oase Aqua-Oxy air pumps are supplied with 2 x 5m of black silicone air hose, 2 x air stones, 2 x stainless steel flow taps, 3m of low voltage cable and a weatherproof transformer, which has 2m of mains cable. The robust motor design and use of high quality UV stabilised housing means the the Oase Aqua-Oxy air pumps are supplied with a 2 year guarantee. OxyTex CWS Air Stones - The OxyTex CWS air stone are a superb way to enhance your pond. They aid aeration, filtration and reproduction. Oxygenation: - when air is pumped through the OxyTex the massive number of small air bubbles produce a massive surface area for gas exchange to take place, allowing oxygen levels to be maintained. The air flow will also create significant circulation in the pond, of up to 10,000 litres per hour. The water flow created will help move waste and keep it in suspension so that it can be filtered out more easily and ensure gas exchange through the whole depth of the pond. Filtration: - The flow of water and oxygen over the fibres creates and ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonise and with 3.5m² of surface area in the fibres, the biological capacity of your filtration is increased by up to 25%.

Reproduction: - in ponds without plants, it is common for the female fish to become egg bound, because they prefer to lay the eggs in pond vegetation. When the OxyTex is not running the decorative plant like fine fibres will encourage the fish to lay their eggs. The OxyTex CWS measures 220mm in diameter and 300mm in height. They are supplied with 5m of black air hose.

Oase OxyTex CWS Air Pump Sets - Product Sizing

Use the table below to select the correctly sized item. If you have any difficulties deciding which size is right for you, contact us by email or phone and we will be very happy to assist you.

Although many factors including humidity, temperature, stocking density and surface area to pond volume ratio, can affect the Oxygen levels within a pond. We generally recommend a minimum air flowrate of:

100 Litres Per Hour (1.7 Litres Per Minute) / 1000 Litres (220 Gallons) of Pond Volume


450 Litres Per Hour (7.5 Litres Per minute) / 1000 Gallons (4500 Litres) of Pond Volume

Air Pump
Litre / Min
Max Air Stones
Max Pumping Depth
Aqua - Oxy 400
Aqua - Oxy 1000
Aqua - Oxy 2000

Oase OxyTex CWS Air Pump Sets - Volume Calculator

To calculate the approximate volume of your pond, select the Shape, Unit of Measurement and amount of shading, then press calculate. If you would like to try different combinations, remember to press Reset between calculations.
Pond Shape
Pond Size
Rectangular Meters / Litres Full Sunshine  
Circular Feet / Gallons Partly Shaded  
Actual Volume
Effective Volume

What is Effective Volume ?
The effective volume is the quantity of water in your pond, plus an allowance for shallow and or ponds exposed to high levels of sunlight. Both of these situations will result in a higher than normal algae growth, and fish pollution. We advise that to ensure your that your equipment is correctly sized, the effective volume be considered the minimum size for the equipment you select. However do remember to check the details of the product you are interested in, to ensure that there are no other allowances or consideration specific to that product are required.

Oase OxyTex CWS Air Pump Sets - Product Video

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