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Nishikoi - Sinking Pellets

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Nishikoi - Sinking Pellets - 1.71 Kg

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Nishikoi - Sinking Pellets - 1.71 Kg

Ref: NID090

Nishikoi - Sinking Pellets - 1.71 Kg are sinking pellets for Sterlets, Tench and catfish which offers the same high performance of the Nishikoi® Growth diet. It enables fancy coldwater fish and bottom feeding fish to feed without having to compete at the surface with other fish.

• 37% protein for growth
• Anti oxident action of Vitamin C & E to help the immune system
• Spirulina (enriched with essential fatty acids) that aids natural colour

Nishikoi - Sinking Pellets - Feeding Guide

Feeding Your Fish
Many, many people only buy one kind of fish food and feed that to their fish all year round. However, this is not necessarily the best option for the fish or your pocket. Pond fish extract different nutrients from their food at a different temperature.

In the case of protein the uptake of this nutrient is limited during the cooler months and much higher during the hot summer temperatures. Foods have now been developed with this in mind and Wheatgerm foods which are low in protein but more easily digested, have been developed for Autumn, Winter and Spring feeding; whilst growth foods, which are high in protein are available for summer months. Below is a rough guide of what to feed and when.

Pond Feeding Guide
Food Type
Minimum Feeding Temperature
5 deg C
(40 deg F) +
8 deg C
(45 deg F) +
Pond Stick                        
8 deg C
(45 deg F) +
8 deg C
(45 deg F) +
10 deg C
(50 deg F) +

How much to feed your fish
You should only feed your fish enough food to allow them to feed for five minutes. Any more will be wasted and end up as waste in the pond. If a fish is fed until it is full, 30% of fish food will come straight out as waste. The five minute feed can be given four or five times a day, at regular times during the day.

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